First Impressions: The Influencer Foundation

Oh boy, well I have a lot to say about this one. Get ready for a ton of close ups of my face that you never asked for.

I’ll start with this- considering the insane amount of hype surrounding Sunday Riley’s social media regarding this foundation, I’ll simply say I am incredibly disappointed. Seriously, this is all Sunday Riley has been discussing, and although I truly love them as a skin care brand, this foundation fell flat and didn’t live up to a single promise.

I applied the foundation after using a primer, as I normally would with any foundation. I even made sure to use my Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer that I absolutely know, love, and trust to make my foundation last all day.

Let me start out by expressing the immediate first impression I got after applying the first layer of the foundation. Quite literally as per the Sephora website description, The Influencer is advertised to be a medium-to-full coverage foundation that you can “perfectly” build up without the product looking cakey. It also claims to even out skin tone with one pump for a natural coverage look, as well as provides the option of adding additional pumps to give you fuller coverage that “never cracks or creases.”

Here is what my skin looked like after two pumps of the foundation. Supposedly, as I previously stated, “one pump” is meant to “even your skin tone.” I found that even two pumps didn’t do that, and the product also accentuated my pores and blemishes.

Since I was going for a fuller coverage look anyway, here is what my skin looked like after FOUR pumps of the foundation. I feel like there was literally no difference in coverage and you can clearly see every bit of redness and blemishes accentuated on my face. I definitely didn’t achieve the “even skin tone” look from this at all either.


So, moving on, I set my face with my Laura Mercier powder and completed my makeup at around 8:00 AM. Here are some closeups in natural lighting (and not that god awful gym lighting) of the foundation.

As you can see, my face is pretty shiny, pores are still accentuated, and blemishes are beyond peeking through.

Here is what the foundation looked like only five hours later at 1:00. Literal crease city. Also, is it even still on anymore?

(Excuse my work badge, oops)

For the final check in and before washing it off, because I sure as hell wasn’t wearing this out after work, this is what my face looked like at 5:00 PM

Yes, I know this is nine hours later. Yes, I know that’s a long time without a touch up. But! A product shouldn’t claim to be long-wearing if it’s literally not long wearing. It creased terribly under my eyes and has this ungodly awful finish to it.

For an additional reference as to what my skin looks like without foundation, here is my face after I removed the makeup. Not much of a difference here.

(I tried to just remove the foundation but ended up smearing my mascara and removing part of my lipstick. I tried, ok?)

Final thoughts: Negativity aside, I will say this- the foundation did actually do a good job of controlling my oil (which is great!) and didn’t clog my pores (which is even better!), which is part of what the product claims to do. Unfortunately, I already have foundations that do this and they perform much better throughout the day. Therefore, I will absolutely be returning this foundation back to Sephora. I honestly don’t even care enough to try it with a different primer, which is rare for me as I tend to like to experiment. Personally, I don’t believe this was worth the $42 price tag.

Before y’all come for me on this, I just want to end by saying if you absolutely love this foundation then I am super stoked for you and encourage you to keep using it! Makeup works differently for everyone and this product just didn’t happen to work for me at all. Don’t let any influencer, blogger, or brand tell you what to think or how to feel about a product. You keep on wearing what you love and doing you. I’m just here to provide my own opinions.

*Note: None of the photos of my face have been altered in any way.

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