Springtime AM Skincare Routine

I feel like I can finally say the word “spring” without the imminent risk of there being a snowstorm or freezing temperatures the following day. It’s been anywhere from 70-85 degrees in New York over these past few days and not only am I loving it, but I truly think it’s here to stay.

With warmer weather, however, comes a new slew of skin concerns. I’ll admit, I slacked on sunscreen this winter (don’t be like me- always use sunscreen no matter what), but now that I’m actually going to be outside way more frequently, protecting my skin from sun damage is essential. I also get way oilier in the spring and summertime, while my skin tends to be significantly more dry in the cooler months.

So before getting into this, you may notice that many of these products provide hydration. A common misconception is that if you’re oily, you don’t need to moisturize. This is NOT true. A moisturizer and your skin’s oil are not the same thing. Your skin still needs hydration. It’s just a matter of finding products that fit your certain needs. For example, with my oily skin, I cannot use thick cream moisturizers, as I find they clog my pores and break me out. Therefore, I tend to stick with products that are light, have a gel-like texture, and provide fast absorbing hydration into my skin.

springskin3Cleanse: Drunk Elephant Beste- This cleanser has completely transformed my skin from being a total oily mess (complete with quite a bit of predominantly cystic acne) to what feels balanced and “normal,” and also makes my skin completely clear of most blemishes.

Mask: Tony Moly I’m Real Lemon Sheet Mask- I don’t have much to say about Tony Moly sheet masks as a whole, specifically, however I can absolutely say that my skin adores them and they have always done what they are advertised to do. Since it’s springtime now and I will be spending the day in Manhattan, I figured I would use this product to brighten up my complexion prior to heading out.

Exfoliator (not pictured/not using today): Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Face Exfoliant- This is great. I haven’t been using it for that long (only a few weeks consistently), but since beginning use my skin has been significantly less oily, which is exactly what the product claims to do.

Toner: Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner: I love this so much. Never in my life did I think I’d spend $44 on a toner, but here we are. It truly removes all impurities left behind after cleansing and actually provides moisture instead of stripping the skin. I am almost out, however, and I don’t know if I want to repurchase for the summer. I would love to try the Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Water-Gel Toner for the summer months (it’s $55, so clearly I don’t make any sense), but I honestly don’t know if I can get past the smell (hint: it’s awful). I may try it regardless though because I have heard wonderful things about the product itself (minus the pungent vomit smell).

Essence: Boscia Sake Hydrating and Brightening Essence- At first I didn’t get the hype surrounding this product. It has almost a perfect 5-star rating on Sephora and I just didn’t understand why. Now that I’ve been using this product for months and have finished about half the bottle, I totally get it. This product provides such beautiful lightweight hydration and actually brightens the skin significantly after repeated use. It definitely isn’t like most essences I’ve tried in that you don’t use a cotton round to apply the product. Rather, it comes in a dropper (I apply three drops directly on my face), and simply press the product into my skin.

Serum: Drunk Elephant C-Firma- This is my holy grail product and I’ve been using it for well over a year. Maybe even two at this point. It has seriously reduced my acne scarring and dark spots to almost nothing. I stopped using the product for a month (because I ran out and it’s $80), and I noticed my skin just wasn’t the same without it. It was dull, scars seemed more prominent- it just wasn’t the same. I highly, highly recommend this. I know the price is steep, but it’s worth every damn penny.

Lip Scrub: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish- It tastes like sugar and exfoliates the lips to a point where they look more plump and feel so incredibly soft to the touch. I like to follow up with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment to keep my lips soft and protected with SPF.

springskin1Moisturizer: Dr Jart+ Water Fuse- I used this last summer (I mean spring, but the weather we’re having is just…well, it’s summer) and I knew immediately when I saw it in Sephora yesterday that I needed to pick up another. This gel moisturizer provides immediate hydration and absorbs into the skin instantly without leaving any kind of greasy film. If you have oily to combination skin, this could be a great product for you.

Sunscreen: Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense- This is actually my first time using this particular sunscreen, so I’ll report back with any significant updates. I also made a first time purchase of Farmacy Green Screen yesterday, so I’ll do some comparisons and perhaps do a sunscreen round-up post. Let me know if you’d like to see that!

A final note: I really can’t emphasize this enough- ALWAYS use sunscreen/products with SPF to protect your skin from sun damage, especially if you use acids on your face (which I personally religiously do). Yes, this includes during the winter months. Yes, this includes wearing it on cloudy and hazy days. Always. Wear. Sunscreen! Dermatologists recommend a minimum of SPF 15-30 to be used everyday to protect your skin. Wearing sunscreen protects against signs of aging, discoloration, sunburn, and skin cancer. There are so many amazing facial sunscreens being sold on the market today. I can only recommend what I’ve tried, so definitely do your research and experiment with products that suit your individual needs.

What are your go-to spring/summertime skincare products? I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Springtime AM Skincare Routine

  1. Whew, girl! You are getting this skin together one way or another! I love the products you’ve chosen and I have to check some of them out. The skincare routine that works for me is very similar; I just use lots of Origins products, lol. Isn’t it amazing how the skin responds so beautifully with consistent love, care, and expensive creams?

    Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you like the products! I haven’t tried many things from Origins, but I have tried their essence and I absolutely loved it. You’re right, it’s so cool how skin loves expensive stuff hahah. Thanks for checking out the post!


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