Why I Am Embracing a Minimalist Lifestyle

I started Glow Up with the intention of marketing it strictly as a beauty blog. Although I still love beauty and want to talk about it as much as I can, I’m finding my niche is evolving, and I’m feeling as though I want to talk about more than simply makeup and skincare. I want to talk about my life. I want to talk about the experiences I’ve had, what I want to experience in the future, and how I’ve managed to get to where I am in a multitude of categories. Essentially, I want to transform Glow Up Beauty into a helpful and relatable lifestyle blog that I hope will be digested and enjoyed by all of you.

So what sparked this sudden change of heart? Recently, I’ve been finding myself taking interest in living a minimalist lifestyle, and I want to do so in all aspects of my life. I want to enjoy living a more emotionally fulfilled life with less things. I want to embrace the mental clarity that comes along with being happier with less, as well as create a financial nest egg for myself by not spending money on things I don’t absolutely need or really want. I want to stop filling emotional holes with material things and learn to begin embracing the positivity I already have surrounding me.

Before we continue, I want to get a few things out of the way regarding what minimalism is and isn’t.

  1. It’s not about getting rid of everything you own, it’s about what you gain emotionally and spiritually by eliminating the constant need for material items that do not bring value to your life.

  2. It’s not restrictive. I struggle with restriction in almost every area of my life and I’ll admit I was scared away at first, but after doing plenty of readings on minimalism, I feel lighter and more free from the constraints that physical items have put on me. You don’t need to throw out everything you own to be a minimalist, it’s just about living lighter and appreciating the value of what you already have, as well as understanding you don’t need everything under the sun to feel happy.

  3. You can still have hobbies and collect as a minimalist. Again, minimalism doesn’t mean getting rid of everything you own. It means finding intention in what you choose to keep and purchase. You should never feel deprived in life, and from what I’m understanding, minimalism isn’t meant to make you feel deprived at all.

  4. There aren’t specific rules or standards you need to follow. You make your own rules as to what brings you joy. Simply stated, you meld the lifestyle to fit your needs as you evolve through life.

  5. You do not under any circumstances make minimalism your identity. You are enough and perfect with or without minimalism. This should not define who you are. It should enhance your quality of life without becoming your whole life.

  6. Minimalism is more than just getting rid of physical belongings. It’s about figuring out what you value in life and removing whatever does not align with your needs and values.

So, how did I know I was ready for this?

  1. I have begun to trust life’s process. I must have heard “trust the process” in therapy about a million times, but I never truly grasped what it meant. For me, trusting the process means moving forward. It means valuing love and meaningful connections over the material items that I’ve been using to put high walls up to shield myself from such relationships. Although I love makeup and skincare and probably always will, I’ve been using it as a crutch to give me purpose and make me feel beautiful. While makeup and skincare are excellent hobbies that can allow for so much fun and creativity, I need to learn to love myself without these material goods to grow my inner confidence.

  2. I have identified what it is I’m after, and I can confidently say I am in search of mental clarity and a genuine sense of joy. My life feels like a dark place sometimes, and I’ve always lived it rather destructively. I’m done living that way. I’ve been done for a while, honestly, but I never knew how to dig myself out of the hole I got into. Minimalism thrives on the need to know one’s intentions. Despite being in a bad place for a long time, I’ve always known that I’ve wanted mental clarity and an overall sense of happiness in my life. Since discovering minimalism, I feel I can successfully achieve my mission to know my life’s purpose and achieve my goals.

All of this seems like such a big change for me, and quite honestly it is. But the silver lining is, although it seems a bit daunting, I’m not afraid. I am fully ready to embrace this change in my life and to work hard to allow it to bring me the clarity and joy I am after. I still have a lot to learn and a lot more research to do to fully apply minimalist principals to my life, but I feel I can do it and I am confident that embracing this lifestyle will ultimately be beneficial for me.

I can’t say I am going to make Glow Up a minimalist blog, although I can confidently say minimalism will be a part of what makes up the content. As I go through this process I will definitely update you all on my mental clarity, as well as how I start to see myself and everything around me.

Do any of my followers adhere to minimalist principals? I’d love to learn and grow together throughout this process.

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