Review: CoverGirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation

I am so excited to talk about this foundation with you guys. In all seriousness, drugstore brands have been really stepping their game up recently. The quality we’re getting now at a lower price point is nothing like it used to be and I am totally stoked on this. I hate to gush, but I am absolutely loving the fact that quality makeup is becoming accessible at a lower price point and to a wider variety of consumers. Makeup is such an amazing form of self expression and I’m just so happy that so many different people can access higher quality products to play with.

That being said, we’re here to talk about one of CoverGirl’s newest launches, the TruBlend Matte Made foundation. I have been waiting to get my hands on this since I heard about the launch. The foundation comes in 40 inclusive shades that are suitable for most skin tones. There are varying combinations one can make with their shade (fair, light, medium, tan, and deep) and undertone to find a match that best suits them. To my immediate knowledge, the foundation can be found at various drugstores, Amazon, and Walmart. The foundation is not yet available at Ulta, but I can’t definitively say it will be at all. Prices do vary by store and region, so check your local retailer for exact prices.

Okay, so let’s get into it. I decided to do a two day wear test for you guys so you could get a fuller scope of how the product performs under different conditions.

Day 1 (8:00 AM)
: After applying e.l.f’s Poreless Face Primer, I applied three pumps of the Matte Made foundation with a freshly cleaned brush. I noticed immediately that this was rather difficult, as the foundation applied streaky and I could not even begin to apply it to my nose without it rubbing off. Unfortunately I did not bring a beauty sponge with me (I get ready for work at the gym some mornings), which is why I decided at that point to do another review the following day. I then applied Laura Mercier Concealer and Translucent Setting Powder (although I probably should have applied more powder and primer to my nose- more on that later), and all other regular makeup products I use on a daily basis.

Day 1 (1:00 PM)
: To be totally honest, I feel the foundation was holding up pretty great until this point. It has completely rubbed off my nose and area around my nose near my cheeks. Despite this, the rest of my face actually looks pretty great (minus the fact that it’s super hot out and I am super oily). I think to remedy the issue I need to apply more primer and powder to my nose to set it a bit better.

Day 1: (5:00 PM)
: It honestly looks exactly the same as it did at 1:00- still good everywhere else except the nose area. Unfortunately. I had to wash my makeup off at this time, so we’ll see exactly how long the foundation’s staying power is tomorrow. I’m sorry, guys. It was a hot day and the impulse to use my Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge mask was too strong. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing a review on that!


Day 2 (Beginning)
: I decided to stick with e.l.f’s Poreless Primer since my face was looking so good yesterday with the combination of that and the foundation. I added significantly more primer to my nose and t-zone and applied the foundation with a damp Real Techniques sponge. There were no streaks or circular marks upon application and the foundation blended out on my entire face (as well as nose/t-zone) like a dream. I highly recommend the use of a sponge for this product. It doesn’t provide as much coverage when using the sponge (about medium coverage), but the foundation is buildable if you’re more of a full coverage person (such as myself).

Day 2 (1:00 PM)
: Still looking incredibly good! The idea to use more primer and powder on my nose definitely helped with the foundation staying put.

Day 2 (5:00 PM): The foundation really did wear off all over in less than 8 hours of wear despite the use of more concentrated primer and powder. That being said, it was also a super hot day, so there are some environmental factors that have to factor into my feelings about it. That being said, I can’t really give a full second day review. I would go ahead and say, however, that this is not a good summer time foundation. I’d definitely say go for it on the less humid days of the year though. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of what it looked like at the end of the day (because yikes), but I also feel like it would be unfair to make such a harsh judgement on the foundation when the weather was most likely a huge factor in making it look so bad.

Final thoughts:

  1. It’s a beautiful foundation for less humid days.
  2. The shade range is beautiful and I’m here for the fact that a drugstore brand took to this standard.
  3. It’s definitely a medium-to-full coverage buildable foundation, but I would still go ahead and suggest applying it gradually to build it up with a beauty sponge.
  4. It’s a yes from me. I totally recommend this foundation. The consistency is thick without being overly heavy and it definitely has a demi-matte finish.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t found a drugstore foundation in a long time that I absolutely love. Again, I don’t want to blame the foundation for wearing off so quickly on day two because it really was one of the most humid days in New York.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you think!

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