Unboxing: Birchbox August 2018

AfterlightImageI love getting subscription boxes. It’s one of my favorite ways to discover new products from brands I know little-to-nothing about, get excited about launches from my go-to brands, and even get sample sizes of products I love. I want to start incorporating opening my monthly boxes on Glow Up and just kind of chat and go through what I got, along with my feelings on each product.

For this post we’re gonna dive into my August Birchbox (which I have yet to open), so let’s go ahead and get into this.

AfterlightImage (2)
Product 1: Winky Lux Disco Kitten Gloss in Groovy
The second I saw this product I admittedly was like, okay what the fuck? It looks like a straight up green gloss with blue reflective glitter particles. And then I tried it on and let me tell you, this is not what I expected. Upon application, which I will show below, it transforms your lips to this beautiful pink color with the perfect amount of shine. I’ve tried lip toppers from Winky Lux and personally wasn’t wowed by them, but I feel this will be a pretty great go-to lippy.

AfterlightImage (3)
Product 2: Ouai Wave Spray
This is a really good product. Like really, it’s really nice. But, now that I’ve chopped all of my hair off yet again, I don’t really have a use for it. I still don’t know if I want to grow my hair back out yet, so I’ll probably give this to a friend who could use it.

AfterlightImage (6)
Product 3: Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca
This has a very pretty floral fragrance. It’s not really my thing, as I tend to like clean and fresh fragrances, but I know my mom will really love this, so I’ll be giving this to her.

AfterlightImage (5)
Product 4: Balanceme Natural Skincare Congested Skin Serum
If you saw my picture testing out the Winky Lux gloss, you might be able to tell I absolutely need this. My skin is just incredibly congested and I’ve been getting non-stop breakouts and inflammation, so I’m excited to try this.

*Just a note, the package definitely says serum, but the instructions make it seem like it’s more of a spot treatment, so as always, make sure you read the instructions on any product before use.

AfterlightImage (4)
Product 5: Malin + Gotez Grapefruit Face Cleanser
I’ve literally never heard of this brand, so I’m super excited to use this. The description on the package states that it’s a foaming cleansing gel that will prevent blemishes, balance out your skin’s pH levels, and hydrate/soften the skin. I’m going to switch over to this cleanser for the rest of the month and let you know if it’s a hit or miss.

Overall I thought the box was okay. Nothing really wowed me (except I am honestly super excited to try this cleanser, which is what I picked out for my choice of sample). Leave me comments below if you’ve tried any of these products or if you want to know my thoughts on them at the end of the month.


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