As someone diagnosed as bipolar, I always found myself struggling to find hobbies and coping skills that have been positive and productive for my mental health. It wasn’t until a year or so ago when I discovered beauty YouTubers, which ended up changing my perspective on how I viewed and utilized beauty in my daily life. I remember feeling as though I was a part of something- a beautiful community of people who felt the same positive ways about makeup and skin care as I did. I began feeling so connected to the community, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to create content for those struggling with mental illnesses like I do, and continue to create a positive sense of community within this group of beauty lovers and those who find themselves unable to truly relate to other lifestyle blogs.

Please join me in de stigmatizing mental illness and creating a positive and safe space in the beauty and lifestyle community. I hope this blog inspires you as I have been inspired by others. As you read this, please remember that you are beautiful. You do not need to be amazing at makeup to love and enjoy beauty. You are unique and perfect the way you are, and if letting your personality shine through beauty is how you cope with life, you are 100% welcome here.

With love,